Six years ago.

Okay, this entry needs a little forward. I found this today while looking over my old inbox.

The scene - one of my best friends and I, at the time, were sleeping over at her house the night before we worked at a renaissance faire. She brought out the alcohol, Godiva White Chocolate Liquer - it was the first time I had drank - and we got a little buzzed. After a few adventures, we got on the computer around 3 or 4am, spit out this poem, complete with typos (she was typing) and sent it off in a mass email to our entire online address books. The next day, at the faire, we would argue about whather it was "big teethy" or "sharp teethy".. as you will see, we were both wrong. In the future months, we would randomly spout off in a verse from this poem. She is now dead to the world, injected with acid and forever stoned, and I have no contact information of her. Here is our orginal piece of work "Drunken Poem".

Don't judge me too badly. Oh, and her name was also "Kate".


SEPTEMBER 20th, 2003


the kates r once together........dun dun DUN
were not smart, but we luv u *smooches* HAHA NOT!... cept to my j and kates' kitty*
and so i sit here
wondering why
i listen to u
and here u cry

u lil brat
u r realy fat
ur monkey is stupid
this poem is poopid

...i hope ur not a druid..

im not drunk,
just a bit tipsy,
im a badass punk
with alot of spunk

....i hope ur not a monk...
(get it-this has a theme!)
luv me for me,
if u dont,
well that sucks,
im out of beer,
and your out of lucks

im surprised i can type
maybe im not ur type,
biut ur my type
and that makes me hyp

...i hope your not a butler......

baby got back,
kangaroos hav a sak,
what did u pack for me?
in that lunch box

is it a banana,
nice smooth and *squishy*?
or is it a monkey,
with cold teethy?

...i hope ur not a monkey...

im not drunk,
just a lil tipsy,
im a badass punk
with alot of spunk

ur my kind of person
am i ur kind of merson?

....i hope u r a person...

u dersen u.

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'Luv + violence= dead HIPPIES'

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