While many of the postings that will be on this blog will be a few months old, this one is fresh, on-the-spot rambling.

I know who I am. Not to say there isn't more of me to discover, but I'm not completely in the dark. And, I love who I am. This is where the regular person would go into detail describing who they are, but I won't. If you continue reading this blog after today, you will no doubt discover more about me than I could ever consciously describe about myself.

The blog will contain, though it is not limited to:

School papers: I can't lie, I really love writing for classes. Most of my writings are really good, so when I stumble upon an old one I'm fond of, I'll probably chuck it into here.

Essays: I'm constantly writing essays on every sort of topic. A thought will occur to me and I'll write it on the back of my hand or in the corner of my notes (I'm usually in a non-related college class when inspiration hits) and ramble on my computer later. Some recent ones have included Shane (from The L Word) and cracking open a book spine.

Memoirs: Writing about certain experiences or friendships.

Poetry: Self-explanitory.

Rants/raves: I have strong opinions. You will be subjected to them.

What this is not:

This is not a diary or personal journal. I have one of those. I thought this needed to be separate. This is my world domination journal.

I hope you stick around.

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